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About US
  • Unlimited Tai Chi focuses not only on Tai Chi for general wellbeing but on Tai Chi for self defense. Three Masters from different Tai Chi and Kong fu background teach Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Praying Mantis boxing and Xing Yi boxing. In particular, we aim to bring all traditional forms to +the participants and let them feel the original taste of Tai Chi Kong Fu, and we believe that there is No difference between the Tai Chi that is healthy and the Tai Chi that is for fighting or self defense.
    These forms of Tai Chi Kong Fu have been an integral part of Chinese culture for hundreds of years and are still relevant and beneficial for wellbeing and safety of society today.
    We are flexible, participant centred and application focused. We teach various Tai Chi structure including 13 Postures, jing expressions and applications so that all participants can actually learn the Tai Chi for health as well as a result of understanding how the internal aspects of the moves are performed for self defense as well. In short, Unlimited Tai Chi is a Tai Chi Kong Fu, which involves all aspects of self defense as well as including the healing aspects.
  • Master Huang
    Master Huang, head instructor, has been practising Taijiquan for many years and studied in China under some of the greatest Tai Chi masters such as master Ma Hong and Zhang Zhi Jun (both were students of grandmaster Chen ZhaoKui). Huang is specialised in the Chen styles particular in teaching Tai Chi theories, principles and applications.
    Huang is an experienced instructor who has conducted many workshops within Australian states. In addition, he has written many articles on various aspects of Tai Chi applications including Tai Chi for self defense, which were published in Blitz magazine.
    Huang’s teaching style is application focused based on the traditional Tai Chi forms (new frame). He now teaches in Sydney at several venues, offering private or group tuition. Students are taught progressively from basic to advanced level. Certificates are awarded on successful completion of each grade.
    Huang and his students have won many gold medals in International and other tournaments. Throughout his continuous research and study in theories, principles and applications, he will lead his students to reach a much higher level of Tai Chi Quan.
  • Master Wang
    Born in Taiwan, Yu Yuan began his studies in Oriental Healing at an early age. Through the practice of Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Shiatsu, he gives you the tools to take responsibility for your own health and healing, and come back into alignment with your self. His passion is to help others establish the kind of connection to nature that he has cultivated through his own practice, and to stimulate the healing process for those seeking it on a profound level.
    Yu Yuan was especially influenced by the Tai Chi Chuan teachings of the legendary Taiwanese Master Cheng Man-Ching and the principles of Buddhist/Taoist philosophy upon which these are based.
  • Master Jin
    He started learning Kung Fu at an early age in China and has accumulated experience with a wide range of martial arts styles and practices. Includes Praying Mantis Boxing, Xing Yi, Ba Gua. Tai Chi Pushing hands.
    He also explored San Da, San Da is a Chinese self-defense system and combat sport. It was originally developed by the Chinese military based upon the study and practices of traditional Kung Fu and modern combat fighting techniques.

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